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Festivals of CZECH TOUR 2021 & 2022

Dear chess friends,

Let us invite you most cordially to this year´s upcoming chess festivals held within the frame of CZECH TOUR 2021-Autumn and 2022-Winter Series.

We prepared for you 5 festivals from November 2021 till February 2022. The offer is quite diverse in location, type of tournaments and their strength. We believe that you will make a choice and we will meet again live behind chessboards.

Playing conditions are expected to be the same as they were in the summer so that players will be able to put off masks during the game.

Throughout the festival, hygiene measures will be taken in accordance with the regulations of the Czech government, public health office and the national sport agency. The exact wording will be continuously updated on the website www.czechtour.net.

HRADEC KRALOVE OPEN, November 6–13, 2021

  • FIDE Open, rapid and blitz tournaments.
  • Beautiful playing area, affordable prices for accommodation.

BRNO OPEN, November 20–28, 2021

  • Round-robin IM and WIM tournaments, FIDE Open, rapid and blitz tournaments.
  • Second biggest town of the Czech Republic, newly added round-robin IM and WIM tournaments.

PRAGUE OPEN, January 7–14, 2022

  • IM Open, FIDE Open, rapid and blitz tournaments.
  • Biggest winter tournament in the Czech Republic, affordable prices for accommodation.

MARIENBAD OPEN, January 15–22, 2022

  • Round-robin GM and IM tournaments, FIDE Open, Senior Open 50+, rapid and blitz tournaments.
  • Magical winter atmosphere of Marienbad in combination with the traditional chess festival.

LIBEREC OPEN, February 5–12, 2022

  • FIDE Open, rapid and blitz tournaments.
  • Ideal playing conditions in a spacious congress hall, excellent price/quality ratio of accommodation.

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